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About Randal

Meet Randal Gindi

Randal Gindi is a New York based successful man, devout family man, and benevolent friend. He has an insatiable hunger to learn every aspect of a business, whether as an owner or an investor.

Although he earned his bachelor’s degree from New York University, his experience came from working at his father’s retail business. He did merchandising, buying, customer service and was exceptionally good at marketing. When the business was sold five years after graduation, Randal Gindi partnered with his brother and opened a health and beauty aids store. Even though Randal brought a lot to the table when the brothers opened the store, the retail industry was not Randal’s calling.

Randal Gindi pivoted his direction and began investing. Understanding the retail industry, he invested in a business that ran events for independent retailers to display and sell their products. Gindi has a keen eye for business and an astute insight into market trends. As a brilliant strategist, Randal and partners sold the business. He had recognized that the internet was emerging as the dominant source for sales in the evolving marketplace.

Randal Gindi transitioned once again. In 2000, he traveled to Africa to research a possible business venture in mining. Before long, Randal Gindi became the owner and founder of Castle Peak. The company acquired a lot of property and eventually went public on the Canadian Exchange. However, shortly after the company went public there was a financial crisis in the European market. Although the company is still in existence today, the funds soon dried up.

In 2015, without any exposure to the wholesale industry. Randal Gindi invested in a cosmetics company. He met with Troy Surratt, the creator of the high-end cosmetics line. His investment continues to pay off as the Surratt Beauty product line has gone global. Products are produced in Japan and shipped to the U.S. and distributed to all the high-end leading cosmetic companies. Gindi said I learned a lot about selling Wholesale. It was a good experience and it is doing well.

Today, Randal Gindi is in the comfort of family as he and his brother buy, sell, and own real estate. He is also a Founder in a media company. The company is the Warner Media Group – an Entertainment and Film Production Company.

Through all of his business ventures he has experienced, Randal Gindi seeks the highest gift that life has to offer. That gift is Balance in life…This comes from the man who insists on having dinner at the dinner table with his family every night.