Where to play no-download blackjack

For players who don’t want to download casino software to play blackjack, or if you are a Mac user, there are titles easily played via flash accessed through your Web browser.

Downloading the casino software to your desktop can take up some space, and while you do get access to the entire Internet casino catalogue when you download the software, blackjack is such a popular game that there are numerous titles available via flash which you can access quickly and conveniently through your browser.

No-download blackjack is especially good for Mac users who have no choice but to play via their Web browser (Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) as the downloadable software is not compatible with iOS X. We have found some of the best flash casinos to play some of the best blackjack titles at.

Best flash casinos for playing blackjack online

For online casinos which offer both the flash and downloadable version, the flash catalogue is going to be a lot smaller in terms of the selection of games. However, this is unlikely to impact blackjack players as it is one of the most common games at online casinos and in terms of blackjack titles available via flash there is a lot of variety.

For online casinos which only offer the flash version you will have access to their entire catalogue; however, this still may be smaller than the downloadable software other online casinos offer. We recommended heading to our suggested online casinos as they are all regulated by testing agencies monthly to ensure their blackjack titles are fair after each have been through intense testing to gain gaming licenses from advanced gaming jurisdictions which allow players to play blackjack legally online. Some only offer flash, while others offer both versions.

Blackjack at downloadable casinos and flash casinos

The difference between the two is predominantly the number of games available. As software developers are always updating their catalogue this numbers can change but usually there are more available on the downloadable software. Regardless there are still numerous blackjack titles to play via flash. With software developers understanding that Mac users cannot download Microsoft casino applications they are creating more and more games which can be accessed via Flash.

Another difference between playing blackjack via flash is that you have to open your browser as opposed to opening an icon on your desktop to access the online casino, however sometimes this can be quicker depending on your computer. Both still require an Internet connection and both still offer the same high level of technology that secures transactions so you can fund you account and play blackjack online safely, only if you are at a reputable online casino such as the ones we have suggested however.

Flash blackjack titles

There are a lot of blackjack titles available through your browser but here are a few of our favourite titles due to their graphics, level of strategy required, and the unique experience which comes with the title.

  • Bonus Blackjack Gold – Dealer hits on soft 17, with players receiving bonus wins.
  • Pontoon – Not to be confused with USAn Pontoon found in land-based casinos. Pontoon or any five-card hand wins even after splitting.
  • Live Dealer Blackjack – Real human dealers are streamed via HD quality in real time which removes computer generated results in games. Players still make their bets virtually.
  • Blackjack interface at online casinos

    While blackjack titles vary, their play screen doesn’t that much. Audio and graphics will vary in terms of different software providers however the table layout remains much the same. For example, blackjack titles from Microgaming will have different colour themes and audio to blackjack titles from Net Entertainment, however the table format between most software providers is quite similar.

    There is a card-shaped rectangle for where you place your bets on the table and where the cards are dealt to you. For multi-hand versions there will be multiple card-shaped rectangles. Every blackjack interface will have chips, the size of their amount will vary depending on the title, and you need to place the chips on the table in order to make your bet.

    All titles have a deal button and when clicked your cards will be dealt to you and the dealer. The total your cards amount to will also appear next to your hand and there will be the option to hit or stand. Some variations will also have the option to use the insurance bet. Players will also find the table limit, the payouts, and the balance on the play screen.

    The play screen is easy to navigate on all blackjack titles and you will be able to pick up the game in no time. Settings are also able to be changed such as the audio if you wish to turn it off. You can also access the cashier via your blackjack interface with a bank icon situated in the play screen for quick top ups while playing.

    The live dealer interface is similar in terms of the table layout and the betting format; however, there is a human dealer in real time dealing the cards via a high-quality live video stream to your computer. In this mode, you can’t control the pace of the game. When ‘no more bets’ is called, you’ll have to wait until the next round to make your bet if you didn’t in that instance. The human dealer is sometimes set up at a brick and mortar casino too, which will enable you to see and hear other games in the background adding to the social atmosphere created by playing live dealer blackjack.

    Deposit options at blackjack flash casinos

    Funding your online casino account at a flash casino offers the same level of security that downloadable casinos offer, provided it is a reputable Internet gaming establishment.

    We suggest heading to our recommended online casinos to ensure that your transactions are being covered by the data encryption technology which prevents misuse of financial information.

    All of our recommended online casinos offer players easy payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards for quick payments; bank transfers for higher limits; e-wallets as an alternative for players who use credit and debit cards which aren’t an available deposit option; and also pre-paid services for anonymity.

    Flash casino’s all accept the same payment methods as downloadable versions, so if you do have the choice it ultimately doesn’t make much of a difference when playing blackjack titles – it all comes down to how you want to access the online casino, whether you have enough storage, or if you are a Mac or PC user.